Top 10 mistakes to avoid after an accident
Top 10 mistakes to avoid after an accident

1. You did not obtain proper information from the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.
• It is important to collect the name and contact information of the driver of the vehicle that hit you, as well as the name of the registered owner of the vehicle (if different than the driver), and license plate number.
• If possible, use your cell phone to take photographs of the vehicles and damage.
• It is also important to obtain the names and contact information of any people that may have witnessed the accident.
• If the police are called to attend the scene of the accident, this information will be recorded on the police report after their investigation.

2. You did not report the accident to ICBC.
• To protect your rights to receive Part 7 benefits from ICBC and to receive compensation for damages, you must report the accident to ICBC by calling Dial-A-Claim as soon as possible.
• For claims in the Lower Mainland call 604-520-8222
• For claims for the rest of BC or outside the province call 1-800-910-4222

3. You did not seek medical attention after an accident.
• It is important to get assessed by your family doctor as soon as possible after the accident.

4. You did not apply for Part 7 Accident Benefits.
• Although you have reported the claim to ICBC by calling Dial-A-Claim, you must still complete and forward to ICBC an Accident Benefit Claim Application form. This form should be completed and sent to ICBC as soon as possible from the date of the accident.
• Our office can assist you in completing this form and in completing a written statement.

5. You do not know your limitation dates.
• Along with the deadlines for reporting your claim and applying for benefits, there are deadlines for commencing a lawsuit against the party that caused the accident. In most personal injury cases, you have two years to commence an action.

6. You do not follow your doctor’s advice.
• It is extremely important to follow your doctor’s advice during your healing process. If you choose to ignore the medical advice given to you, it can have an impact on your claim.
• It is also important to take any medications as prescribed by your doctor.
• If you do not agree with any recommendations of your doctor, try to communicate your concerns early on.

7. You do not disclose all injuries to your doctor.
• As important as it is to follow your doctor’s advice, it is very crucial to your claim that your doctor knows all the symptoms and limitations you have experienced since the accident.

8. You do not attend specialists as recommended by your doctor.
• It is important to attend all specialist appointments and to follow any recommendations of the specialist.

9. You do not keep receipts for claim related expenses.
• A typical claimant will incur various expenses during an ICBC claim. These include receipts for prescriptions, user fees for chiropractor, massage or physiotherapy visits.
• You should always keep your parking receipts.
• Keeping original receipts for expenses will enable your lawyer to recover those expenses for you.

10. You accept an early settlement from ICBC before contacting a lawyer.
• You should get legal advice before you sign any agreements or accept any cheques from ICBC.
• Your injuries may not heal as quickly as you had thought.
• Once you have settled your claim with ICBC it cannot be re-opened even if you are still in pain.

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